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Deadpool Knife Holder

And then Deadpool came into my kitchen... 🤣 One of my favorite projects. Always brings a smile on my face when I work in the kitchen. Lerdge K. Material PETG food safe.

From Sascha Gin

Beautiful Lamp

Too late for the contest, but anyway, here is my contribution: printed on Tronxy X5S with Lerdge K!

From Antonio Canfora

Wonderful Figure

These are my favorite prints, printed by Lerdge board! All on display for my wife haha #lerdge Lerdge 3D

From Rhyse Michael

Reviews From Our Users

A good working 3D Printer is Hardware, Firmware and GCode working in perfect harmony. I have upgraded all my CR10S and Tornadoes from Marlin to the Lerdge K and have not regretted it at all. The Lerdge K is one of the most stable board there is. My printers work 24 hours a day without any issues.

Nigel Francis

I focus all the time for printer mechanics: this has been possible with Lerdge K, thanks to its user friendly interface, which it's easy to input parameters with and It allowed me not to waste time programming the firmware. The constant upgrading work of Lerdge Team is commendable and they are always available to customer needs!

Alessandro Allegretti

This is the best board for a 3d printer, I suffered for 3 months with other board. Now I have a Lerdge K, and my printer works without crashing. figure it out with the settings !!!

Karen AG

I have a Lerdge X type in a Core XY from an artezanal brazilian manufacturer. Works great. Good prints and easy to change parameters. I liked, my focus is to printing and study modeling.

Marcelo Rodrigues Soares