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LERDGE Z Board Z2 kit

LERDGE Z Board Z2 kit

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Please kindly note the Lerdge Z board K2 kit include the following parts: 


Name Products Quantity Name Products Quantity
LERDGE-Z TMC2209 Board 1
USB Link  Module 1
Power Monitoring Module 1
Heated Bed High Power Module 1
Optical Endstop Switch  4
 Filament Detection Module 2
Motor Parallel Module 1

Please kindly note that LERDGE-X motherboard has been upgraded to LERDGE-Z motherboard.

The LERDGE-X motherboard is the basic motherboard. Due to the user’s more functional requirements, the LERDGE-X motherboard has been upgraded to the LERDGE-Z motherboard, which adds an EX axis (changes to a 5-axis), which can be customized as dual X/Y/Z/E.

The LERDGE-K motherboard is a high-performance motherboard at present. The LERDGE-K may be upgraded in the future. Now the upgraded LERDGE-Z is also to replace the LERDGE-K motherboard, which is between the LERDGE-X motherboard and the LERDGE-K motherboard. In the meantime, only the functions that are not commonly used on the LERDGE-K motherboard have been removed, but the price has been reduced.

In a word: Customers who want to buy the LERDGE-X motherboard or the LERDGE-K motherboard can directly buy the LERDGE-Z motherboard, which is a combination of the two boards.

Applicable Structure:  
XYZ(Ultimaker, Makerbot), Detla, CoreXY(Hbot) and CoreXZ. 

Applicable slicing software:
Simplify3D, PrusaSlicer, Slic3r, Cura, Repetier, Builder, Skeinforge.

Use tutorial on our website

Motor Driver Cooling Fan Interface:
When any motor drive is enabled, the fan is turned on;
When all motor drives are disabled, the fan is turned off.

Hothead0 Cooling Fan Interface:
When the temperature of the hot head is higher than 45℃, the fan is turned on;
When the temperature of the hot head is lower than 40℃, the fan is turned off.

Ex-Motor Interface:
Ex axis can be used to synchronize X\Y\Z\E0 motor movement or expand to E1 motor interface.

System Reset Interface:
A two-wire normally open switch can be connected here to realize the emergency stop button.

Servo Power Selection Pin:
Select the servo power supply voltage between 5V and the mainboard power interface voltage,
short-circuit the middle and left pins, and select 5V power;
short-circuit the middle and right pins, and select the Power interface voltage.

The comparison between Lerdge Z and Lerdge K, Lerdge X is as follows: 

Resume Printing After Power Failure:

The Lerdge-Z motherboard comes with the functions of printing pause, printing saving, and restarting printing after power-on. However, if you need to the feature of saving the printing after unexpected power failure, and the feature of shuting down after printing completed, you need to equip the power monitoring module (included in the Kit).


High-power Hotbed:

The heated bed with a power of no more than 150w can be connected directly to the motherboard. If the heated bed power is more than 150W, please use a high-power hotbed module (included in the Kit).


Filament Run-out Detection:

The Lerdge Z motherboard can pause printing when the filament is run out,and then resume printing after the filament is loaded. In order to identify the signal, an filament detection sensor (included in the Kit) is needed.

Wireless Connection:

The Lerdge-Z motherboard defaults to offline printing (Use TF card or U disk printing). You can realize the wireless communication between the Lerdge K motherboard and the computer through serial and WIFI connection. At this time, an online module and WIFI module  (included in the Kit) is needed.

Temperature Control:

The Lerdge motherboard adopts PID temperature control to make the printing temperature more stable.

Automatic Leveling:

Lerdge Z has a patented automatic leveling solution, the number of automatic leveling points can reach up to 1024 platform sampling points,which realize efficiently the adjustment of the platform and make the printing quality better. Regarding the automatic leveling module, we recommend this pressure film sensor (not included in the Kit)

External Drivers:

For large-size printer, if you need to connect external drivers to a large motor, such as 57 motor, 86 motor, etc., please purchase an external driver adapter module (not included in the Kit). The motherboard itself is recommended to drive 42 motor. As shown in the figure below.

Tip: The Lerdge K motherboard have to match with our 3.5-inch touch screen (included in this Kit) to be used. 

Use tutorial on our website

Please kindly refer to the page of "Return and warranty policy" to learn about more details.

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