About Us

Lerdge was established in May 2015, a high-tech enterprise with independent core technology and dedicated to providing a full range of 3D printing solutions to users worldwide.

 We hope that 3D printing is easier for everyone.

In 2015, we designed and built 3D printers ourselves like many 3D printing enthusiasts. In this process we realized that it is not easy to debug a 3D printer well. Many parameters need to be debugged by code. We came up with an idea: to develop a 3D printing solution that allows users to set all parameters through the display, so that people who do not have a programming foundation can freely build their own 3D printers. Thus, the Lergde motherboard was born! 

With the increase of users, we found that many guys bought printers of other brands and then replaced them with Lerdge motherboards. Why don't we directly provide people with Lerdge printers? We hope that 3D printing will be easier for ordinary people. Our Lerdge CC printer is shipped as a complete machine, all parameters have been set before leaving the factory, and even the configuration files of mainstream slicing software have been prepared. When you take out the printer from the box,  just turn on the power and use it.

 We are committed to bringing new things to 3D printing

On the road, we keep an eye on perfecting the printing function. We pioneered the filament detection sensor in the market, so that printing can be paused when the filament is run out or interrupted; we have developed a parallel module for dual motors to realize the expansion of the driver. In Lerdge's first 3D printer, we combines the printhead and the probe into one through a clever design, which ensures the highly sensitive triggering of the probe, and also simplifies the assembly and setting of the printhead.

 We pursue perfect details and extremely high user experience.

Our team of engineers is demanding on details. Based on this, the Lerdge motherboard has rigorous and professional circuit, and the display has a beautiful and unique UI; the Lerdge printer uses high-quality carbon fiber materials, and adopts professional and high-quality components;  We manage the cables to make the entire printer clean and beautiful.

 After 5 years of development, Lerdge products and services cover more than 100 countries including Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United States, Australia and so on. We have established professional sales, marketing, technical support and other services for our customers. We will continue to improve the functions, use and fun of 3D printing. We believe that in the days to come, 3D printing will enter thousands of households, and everyone can print their own concepts!

Company Name: Shenzhen Qianhai Lerdge Technology Co., Ltd

Address: 330, Yifangtiandi Internet Industry Park, Gushu 2nd Road, Xixiang Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China 518103