Lerdge iX 3D Printer

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Delivery form of Lerdge iX:

Lerdge iX 3D printers are shipped in the form of separate parts, and you need to assemble them by yourself. We try our best to simplify the assembly difficulty. However, different guys have different assembly capabilities. You can firstly read the assembly manual on Lerdge website before buying.

Assembling the printer by yourself can better understand the operating structure of the printer, so as to better use and maintain the printer, and obtain a sense of accomplishment from the assembly process.

The price of the Lerdge iX is very close the price of the Lerdge board and accessories. Therefore, refunds or returns due to the failure to assemble cannot be accepted. Thank you for your understanding!

Color Options for Lerdge iX:

Lerdge iX has a variety of colors, including green, blue, red, yellow and so on. We will ship them randomly, and buyers cannot choose the color for the time being.

Lerdge iX Tutorial Materials:

We provide detailed assembly electronic documents. For detailed information, please visit Lerdge's official website (https://www.lerdge.com/machine/LerdgeIX) to view.

Assembly Manual: https://www.lerdge.com/machine/lerdge-ix/manual

STL/CAD Preview: https://www.lerdge.com/machine/lerdge-ix/viewstl

BOM List: https://www.lerdge.com/machine/LerdgeIX

In the next week, we will gradually release the videos that accompany the assembly manual. You can view them on the Lerdge 3D Youtube channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS0bM7-MhgW5B0L2XJ3zUDg

After-sales of Lerdge iX:

If you encounter a problem during the assembly process, you can try to find the answer in the tutorial document first. If it is still not resolved, you can directly contact our customer service staff to communicate, or write an email to sales@lerdge.com.

Assembly Tool Note:

The required assembly tools are not included in the product kit because the product price is already low. We list the specifications of the tools needed in the assembly process. You guys can buy them according to own budget:

1.5 Allen screwdriver, 2.0 Allen screwdriver, 3.0 Allen screwdriver, 2mm slotted screwdriver, Ph1 Phillips screwdriver, 7mm open wrench, 8mm open wrench.

We also provide assembly tool kits for your convenience:https://shop.lerdge.com/collections/new-arrival/products/lerdge-ix-assembly-tool

If you just lack some of these tools, you can select them individually through the following two links:

Screwdriver: https://shop.lerdge.com/collections/new-arrival/products/hexagon-slotted-screwdriver

Wrench: https://shop.lerdge.com/collections/new-arrival/products/7mm-8mm-open-wrench

Delivery Location and Time:

Currently, Lerdge iX is shipped from China. We provide free shipping as much as possible, but due to the large differences in shipping costs between different countries, some countries may charge a small amount of shipping cost as compensation. We will ship the 3D printer by 4PX or FedEX express delivery. The transportation time is usually between 4 and 15 days from the day of shipment, but it does not rule out that a small number of express delivery may be delayed due to special circumstances.

Firmware & Hardware, Natural Match Together

Lerdge iX equipp with the new designed Lerdge Z board and TMC2226 drivers. 

With rich experience in 3D printer board, the Lerdge Z board is very excellent. The firmware has been verified by the market for 5 years, which can bring outstanding stability and control.

The original German TMC2226 driver chip, high-quality stepper motor, flexible belt, which brings the smooth and quiet experience when the printer is running. Even in the night, Lerdge iX will not disturb your rest.


Rich Functions, Simple Operation, The experience is only cool!

Easily Download Models: There are tens of thousands of models in the rich model library. Just download, print directly, and done! It doesn't matter if you don't know how to model.

One-Click Configure Slicer: Lerdge iX is compatible with most slicer. We intimately provide PruseSlicer's configuration file for Lerdge iX, which greatly facilitates users.

Operate at Your Fingertips: The 3.5 inch colorful LCD touch screen, support multiple languages like English, Russian, German, French. With colorful status indicators, you can easily grasp the machine dynamics.

There are More and More: Automatic Leveling, Z-axis Fine Adjustment, Linear Extrusion, Resume From Power Failure, Filament Runout Sensor, One-Click Refueling, Automatic Fan, Automatic Shut-down, Temperature Protection.



Simple Is Good, Less Is More

Open Source Structure, Unlimited Gameplay!

Lerdge iX open source all structural design drawings, users can modify and upgrade as they like freely.

The frame pulley is made of 6mm thick phenolic resin board through CNC process, which stability of the X-axis cantilever! It is far better than other similar products using acrylic or thin sheet metal.

The stainless steel eccentric nut can be used to adjust the meshing degree of the pulley and the profile conveniently. 

Details, Details and Details: 

Wrapped Power Supply Design, Centralized Drag Chain Wiring,The Z-axis Homing Adjuster, Belt Adjustment Knob! 

The Z-axis adjuster is ingeniously designed to precisely adjust the position of the print head and the first layer of the platform after homing!

 The tension of the X and Y axis belts can be easily adjusted through the knob.

Lerdge-iX supports TF card, U disk and USB serial port. It can realize offline printing from TF card or U disk, and can also be connected to Raspberry Pi or computer via USB.


For Better 3D Printing

Newly designed print head: more thinner fins, two-section throat, Teflon non-stick tube. It further reduces the expansion of the filament before it enters the print head, making the feeding smoother, and is not easy to block nozzle.

The 4020 turbo fan is used to dissipate heat to the print nozzle. The powerful air output ensures that the filament can be cooled and shaped as soon as possible, which provides protection for printing larger angle suspension and bridge structures.

The magnetic platform cooperates with unique printing surface to reduce the curling of the printed model. With the 150W hot bed, you can easily hold all the filaments on the market.


The Service for Lerdge iX

For 3D Printer: Part delivery, DIY assembly, fun gameplay. We provide tutorial manuals, video guidance, and technical support.

For Slicer: Supports most mainstream Slicers, We provide PrusaSlicer configuration file, making it is easy to get started.

For Hardware: Open all structural design drawings of Lerdge iX, which is convenient for users to personalize modification and upgrade, with unlimited creativity and fun.

For Firmware: Lerdge adheres that users are not programmers, so provide users with reliable Lerdge firmware that is not open source. It allow users input all parameters through the display, and no need to debug any code.

For Filament: Print quality is highly related to filament. We provide filament in cooperation with Esun, and users of Lerdge iX can purchase it with a 10% discount.

For After-Sales: Fast delivery, commercial invoice, repair service, answer quickly, etc. We will try our best to satisfy customers, your satisfaction is our pursuit