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Lerdge iX 3D Printer

Lerdge iX 3D Printer

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Lerdge-iX is a DIY 3D Printer, but also a unique 3d printer design:

Lerdge-iX 3d print kit version, it is specially designed for modding, it allows you to build an FDM 3D printer from scratch by yourself, this is the best way to learn 3D printing. Following us step by step to upgrade Lerdge-iX, you can become a master. It is one of the best beginner 3d printer! If you are a professional master, freely modify Lerdge-iX DIY 3d printer can also bring you a lot of fun, the structure of Lerdge-iX is all open source!

Lerdge-iX RTP version, it is a pre-assembled mini 3D printer, more suitable for those who want to "use" 3D printer directly.

The difference of V3.0 and V2.0 Version

The main difference between V3.0 and V2.0 is that it is easier for V3.0 to upgrade linear rail 3D printer: 30 minutes for V3.0 to upgrade linear rail, but 2 hours for V2.0 to upgrade.

  • If you are not going to upgrade linear rail, we strongly recommend V2.0 version, it is more cost-effective because it's currently on sale;
  • If you want to upgrade linear rail, it will be more appropriate to choose V3.0 version.

You can refer to this picture:

Version Introduction of Lerdge iX 3D Printer:

Lerdge-iX 3D Printer has three versions: iX-Kit-NoPrints, iX-KIT-WithPrints, iX-RTP. 

  • iX-KIT-WithPrints: Lerdge iX are shipped in separate parts, including all mechanical and electronic components, you need to assemble it yourself.
  • iX-Kit-NoPrints: Lerdge iX are shipped in separate parts, but don't included printed parts, you need to assemble it and print the plastic parts by yourself.
  • iX-RTP:  Lerdge iX 3D Printer are shipped in the form of pre-assembled, you only need 5-10 minutes to get it done and start printing.

Color choose for Lerdge iX 3D Printer:

Lerdge-iX has four colors: green, orange, blue and yellow. Currently, Lerdge-iX V2.0 is only available in orange and blue, while Lerdge-iX V3.0 is only available in green. Every color is very beautiful.

If you want to choose the color, you can leave a message when placing the order. If there is no message, we will randomly select a color and ship it.

Shipping Cost for Lerdge iX 3D Printer:

If you live in the USA, EU and Brazil,  please choose to ship from the USA, Poland or Brazil correspondingly. We will provide FREE SHIPPING!  

If you do not live in these areas, please choose to ship from China, otherwise you may not be able to checkout. We will provide free shipping or charge a small amount of shipping according to your address. 

Lerdge iX 3D Printer Tutorial Materials:

We provide detailed assembly manual and usage tutorial. Please visit Lerdge's official website ( . 

You can view assembly, calibration, upgrade video on the Lerdge 3D Youtube channel:

You are welcome to join the facebook Group for Lerdge-iX owners, you will get a lot of help here:

Return Policy for Lerdge iX :

Lerdge iX is a DIY product, we cannot accept returns without reason or due to assembly failure. Because once you open it and try to assemble it, it will no longer be available for sale to other customers.

We optimize the assembly steps as much as possible and provide detailed tutorials and customer support. If you encounter any problems during assembly and use, we will do our best to help you solve them. 

After-sales of Lerdge iX 3D Printer:

If you encounter a problem during the assembly process, you can directly contact our customer service to communicate, or write an email to

Assembly Tool Note:

The required assembly tools are not included in the  KIT version because the price of the product does not cover the high quality of the assembly tool.  You can first check if you already have the following tools:

 1.5 Allen screwdriver, 2.0 Allen screwdriver, 3.0 Allen screwdriver, 2mm slotted screwdriver, Ph1 Phillips screwdriver, 7mm open wrench, 8mm open wrench.

 If you don't have the these tools, you can get it here:

 Lerdge-iX,Born for "Modding ":  From a beginner to a master, you only need this one 3D printer!

Core Features: 

Beautiful Appearance,   Open Source Hardware,  Continuous Upgrade,  DIY Fun,  Lerdge Z 32bit board, TMC2226 silent drivers,  3.5 inch IPS Touch Screen, High Precision Printing, PEI Flexible Magnetic Platform, Resume Printing from Power Failure, Filament Run-out Detection, Automatic Shut-down, Rich Tutorials,   Active Community,    Awesome Reviews.

Beautiful Appearance at First Sight:

Compared with the pure industrial look of other printers, Lerdge-iX is more beautiful, and it is well 3d printer design.

Open Source Hardware, Born for "Modding": 

Guide you to upgrade easily all the way, from novice to master! We and the community have designed a lot of upgrade kits for 3D printing. Lerdge-iX can upgrade the direct extruder and can be upgraded to a three linear rail 3D Printer. Lerdge-iX is a great DIY 3D printer project for beginners especially!

Assembling, building and modding Lerdge-iX 3D printer kit can bring you a Wonderful Technological DIY Trip, and you can even experience this fun with your children.

Small Size, Big Strength. Lerdge-ix is a mini 3D printer, but its function is not "Mini". It has passed professional printing tests and provides high-precision, high-quality and fast 3d printing!

Lerdge-iX adopts Lerdge Z 32bit board and TMC2226 silent driver as core CPU, it has superior performance. It runs Lerdge firmware, and its biggest feature is that it allows you to complete all operations through the screen without writing any code. It is very easy to use 3d printer!!

Lerdge-iX is compatible with Klipper for professional players and Lerdge provides relevant tutorials. Note: Lerdge team does not provide after-sales service related to open source firmware.

3.5 inch IPS Touch Screen:

Full viewing angle, Delicate image, Full color, Beautiful UI

Lerdge-iX adopt high-quality core components, for example:

PEI Flexible Magnetic Platform: Strong adhesion when heated, easy to remove model after cooling

Efficient Heating Bed: Fast and uniform heating, not easy to warp when printing

All Metal MT Extruder: Lerdge self-developed design, Comes with filament detection sensor. All-metal shell is more durable, Transparent back panel reveals light hints

X-axis & Y-axis Belt Adjuster: Easily adjust the tightness of belt, reduce printing misalignment, and improve printing accuracy.

Lerdge-iX has Excellent Advanced Features, including:

Resume Printing from Power Failure: Automatically save data in case of unexpected power failure, and continue printing after power on;

Filament Run-out Detection: Automatic alarm and pause for lack of filament, continue printing after feed filament;

Automatic Shut-down: The system can automatically shut down after printing, no need to wait beside the machine;

Linear Extrusion + PID Tem Control: Linear extrusion to improve the corner sharpness of the model, PID temperature control to avoid self-overflow drawing of filament.

We provide vivid and rich tutorial for 3d printer whole usage process! Assembly Calibration Tutorial → Slicing Tutorial → Printing Tutorial → Modding Tutorial

Don't worry, the combination of graphic and video tutorials makes it easy for novices to understand, it is super suitable 3d printer for beginners.

The following is real 3D printer reviews From Lerdge-iX Users. 

And Lerdge iX has been selected by many schools as a teaching model for youth technology courses. Lerdge iX is also a 3d printer for kids.

What are the advantages of Lerdge-iX compared with other 3D printers (such as kingroon KPS3, Prusa mini, ender 3, etc.)?

Compared with the popular ender3 v2, kingroon KPS3, Prusa mini, ender 3 in the market, Lerdge-iX has 5-axis board instead of 4-axis board, can expand double Z-axis, two extruders, etc.

Lerdge-iX equipped the TMC2226, which has better performance than 2225 or other ordinary driver used on creality ender 3, KPS3 and other printer.

Lerdge-iX has PEI magnetic platform, which is easier to remove models than the glass platform used on ender 3, and more durable than the magnetic film used on Kingroon KPS3.

Lerdge-iX has U disk, TF card, USB three interfaces, is more user-friendly.

Although some printers on the market have their direct extruder, it is bulky, heavy, plastic, and not durable. Lerdge-iX can be upgraded to the all-metal dual-gears direct extruder, which is lighter and more durable;

Lerdge-iX also has Unique features, better user experience that other printers do not have:
Auto shutdown, one-key refueling, Z-axis fine-tuning, linear extrusion, auto fan, temperature protection.

Compared to Prusa mini 3d printer, the price of Lerdge-iX is less than half or even a third of its price.

Version Recommendation:

Lerdge-iX 3D Printer KIT Version: Users who like mechanics and mods;

RTP Version: Users who want to quickly experience printing.

KIT: Shipped in parts, you need to assemble by yourself.

RTP: The machine is pre-assembled and can be completed in just a few steps.

Your possible questions:

Q 1: How long does it take to assemble the Lerdge-iX?

A: Depending on the individual's hands-on ability, the time required for assembly ranges from 3 to 8 hours.

Q 2: Why isn't the Lerdge-iX directly designed for direct extrusion?

A: Considering that most users seldom print flexible filaments such as TPU, Bowden extrusion makes the print head flexible and prolongs the using life.

Q 3: Does Lerdge-iX support automatic leveling?

A: Lerdge-iX can support automatic leveling, but you need to purchase the auto leveling sensor separately and install it by yourself.

Q 4: What do I need to know before buying this product?

  1. You need to have DIY assembly ability;
  2. Before assembling and using, please be sure to check the tutorial carefully on the official website;
  3. Refunds or returns due to the failure to assemble cannot be accepted. Please confirm your DIY ability firstly or choose directly the RTP version.