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USB Link Module

USB Link Module

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Lerdge 3D Printer Motherboard USB Link Module Computer Online Function Extensible Module |Lerdge 3D printer parts

USB Link module is suitable for Lerdge-Z board, Lerdge-X board And Lerdge-K 3D printer board, and Lerdge-Ix 3D printer, But not for other 3D printing motherboards.

USB Link module allows you to connect 3D printer to computer effortlessly, enabling faster and more convenient  3D printing. Say goodbye to frustrating connectivity issues and hello to smooth, uninterrupted printing sessions.

In addition, if used with Raspberry Pi and other software (such as Octoprint), the USB Link Module also offers a range of innovative functions, such as real-time monitoring of print progress and remote control capabilities. 

As an excellent partner of the Lerdge board, most guys who buy the Lerdge board will get this module together.


  1. Before using the USB link expansion module to connect the Lerdge 3D Printer board to the computer, you need to go to the Lerdge official website to download the Lerdge PC control software. Note that this control tool is only applicable to the Windows system!
  2. Insert the module directly into the corresponding interface of the Lerdge main board. Please pay attention to insert the pin correctly, do not insert it crookedly.
  3. Insert one end of the data cable into the online module, and the other end into the computer, and connect the Lerdge board to the computer;
  4. Operate the printer through the Lerdge PC control tool, please kindly refer to this tutorial for details:  The graphical interface of the Lerdge control tool is clear and clear, and the control is simpler, bringing you a more convenient calibration experience.