3.5 Inch Touch Screen

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The touch screen is used for Lerdge Motherboard. If you want to use it, please order a Lerdge board as well if you don't have one.

Just match Lerdge-K and Lerdge-X.

Shipping List:

KIT A: Screen
KIT B: Screen + Knob ​

3.5 inch screen Features:
  1. Add all-inclusive steel frame for the touch screen, more stable.
  2. The motherboard adopts resistance to touch, man-machine interaction provides a variety of options.
  3. High-resolution of 480*320.
  4. Support high-speed hardware SPI serial communication. The speed is astonishing, can almost catch up with the parallel interface method.

Knob :
The knob module/rotary switch module is used on Lerdge touch screen. It can replace the touch screen for the operation, and can be much more convenient used together with the touch screen.