Teflonto Throat with Copper/Steel Screw

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Product description: This hose is mainly used for 2 in and 1 out sprinklers in our store, and can also be used on other sprinklers. Please make sure whether the hose is available.

See the product description for details:

Parameter information:

Bottom heating and quick installation part of throat thread: M6

Upper part throat type: no thread, 7mm diameter throat

Total length of throat: 24mm

Material: stainless steel, nickel-plated copper

Printing temperature: Because it contains Teflon parts, it is only suitable for conventional low-temperature consumables such as PLA, and it is recommended not to exceed 230 degrees

Throat model: 2 in and 1 out throat (2 specifications are optional)

Specification 1: Stainless steel short throat + TTeflon integrated)

Specification 2: The lower part is stainless steel (containing Teflon), and the upper part is nickel-plated copper (enhanced heat dissipation)