Lerdge HS Hotend Kit

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Product description 1: This sprinkler module is matched withLERDGE HS hotend. If it is used on other hotend, please confirm the throat whether it is available, the total length of the throat pipe is 24mm, the thread of the heating block installation part is M6, and the throat pipe on the radiator is a non-threaded version.

The diameter is 7mm, and the specific parameters can be viewed by clicking the throat link.

Product description 2: The heating aluminum fast module is equipped with a silicone protective cover, and the heating copper block module is temporarily not equipped with a silicone protective cover.

Product description 3: The module is not assembled, the customer replaces the accessories in the module according to actual needs.

Module nozzle specification: 0.4mm nozzle

Module model: HS hotend module (6 specifications are optional)

Module weight: 15g--28g

Filament : 1.75mm