FPC Cable for Lerdge Display

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FFC soft cable 0.5 pitch 36pin, the direction is of the same direction

1. P = bit = core = pin (number of copper)

2. Cable length optional. 20cm, 30cm, 50cm, 70cm and 100cm. If you need longer ones, please let us know.

3. Spacing: the distance between the two needle center. If uncertain, measure the bus width (unit: mm)

Spacing algorithm: bus width / (number of pins+ 1)

4. Direction (check the ends of the cable): A with the same direction (metal surface in the same side)

Test with Lerdge board. Use the board test with the 2 meters cable (without shielding tape), and with the cable winding the stepper motor. The touch screen display operation is normal, no interference phenomenon, the test passed.