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Coupling for Lead Screw

Coupling for Lead Screw

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Lerdge 3d printer accessories,Lerdge D20L25 Diameter 5mm to 8mm Aluminium flexible shaft coupling,Z-axis Coupling Stepper Motor Coupler for Cr10 Ender-3 Lead Screw for 3D Printer/DIY Encoder/CNC Machine

Product parameter

Torx coupling

Product Name: Plum Coupling

Product materials:aluminium alloy


Product use:Printer Z-axis accessories

Product model:D20L25

Working temperature:-40℃~100℃

Surface treatment:Anodizing

Size:L=25 D=20 d1=5 d2=8(mm)


Features of LM Series elastic coupling:

  1. Intermediate elastomer connection
  2. No swing clearance
  3. Suitable for small torque and small space
  4. Oil resistance and electrical insulation
  5. The clockwise and counterclockwise rotation characteristics are identical
  6. Super elastic torque can absorb vibration and compensate radial directionAnd angular deviation
  7. Product models with different aperture sizes at both ends are also available in stock