LERDGE TMC2208 Driver

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TMC2225 is the next-generation product of TMC2208. The main difference from TMC2208 is that the package adopts HTSSOP as DFN, which has the same functions, better heat dissipation performance, and higher cost performance.

NEW: TMC2208 upgrade version: TMC2225

Note: This module is only use for 3d printers. If it is used in other fields, please determine if it can be used,We do not provide any technical support, thank you for your understanding.

Drive current algorithm and regulation:

1. Verf measures the voltage of Gnd and potentiometer middle.
2. Please DO NOT connect the motors when measuring the voltage, or it's easy to burn the drive.
3. Please connect the power supply when measuring voltage as well, do not connect only the USB power.

Please pay special attention to the direction, do not insert wrongly!!!

How to use

1. When used in the printer control board, please keep the three jumper cap below the socket.

2. Pay attention to the direction, please refer to the picture below.

3. The heat sink attached directly to the PCB, but please pay attention to the direction of the heat sink, otherwise it will cause the heat sink and the pin together and lead to a short circuit, please refer to the picture below.

4. The motor direction is opposite to that of A4988 and DRV8825, please adjust the firmware or adjust the motor wiring if you want to change A4988. And if you use the Lerdge motherboard, please set the direction directly in the setting page of direction of the motor.

5. For more info about the TMC2208, please check