Multicolor RGB Strip

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Note: Just use for Lerdge-K board and Lerdge-S board.


The Lerdge board and the dual extruder module in the pictures are just for reference, not included.


RGB light strip can only be used in the Lerdge-S motherboard dual extruder module interface and Lerdge-K board, can achieve RGB colors switching, but can not be directly used in the Lerdge-S motherboard(Need to use with the dual extruder module). And this RGB strip doesn't support Lerdge-X motherboard. If you want to use strip directly on the motherboard, please order the single color light strip.

M code:M150 R255 U255 B255(RGB value)


RGB lamp with a high transparent epoxy resin, can be moisture-proof and dust proof, etc., The back is with 3M double-sided adhesive, 5050 using imported chips, and using the chip type resistors. The circuit design ensures that even when individual LED do not shine will not affect the others work properly.

Product Description:

Used in the dual extruder module of Lerdge motherboard, it can achieve the RGB colors switching.

RGB light strip width: 10mm
RGB strip thickness: 3mm

Size can be cut :

12V default every 5CM (3 light bead)


12V Black, 24V Whit


If used in Lerdge motherboard, and need to achieve RGB lighting changes, you need to use dual extruder module(please check the picture below). And the RGB light should be matched with the power supply voltage.